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HUD ISSUES NOTICE H 2016-15:  PROCESSING GUIDE FOR PREVIOUS PARTICIPATION REVIEWS OF PROSPECTIVE MULTIFAMILY HOUSING AND HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS' PARTICIPANTS - EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 14, 2016 Issued on October 20, 2016, the guide defines Controlling Participants for previous participation review, new flag approval, and rejection guidance and flag protocols in federal programs of certain participants seeking to take part in multifamily housing and health programs administered by HUD’s Office of Housing.  The guide aids in clarifying and simplifying the process by which HUD reviews previous participation of participants that have decision making authority over their projects as one component of HUD’s responsibility to access financial and operational risk to projects in these programs. To download a summary of the Processing Guide changes, click here. To download a copy of the full Processing Guide, click here. PR Processing Staff is up-to-date on the changes that will affect your 2530 submissions.  Look for further instructions when loan documents are requested by your Loan Processor.
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HUD Issues Notice H 2016-15: Processing Guide