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Congratulations to PR Mortgage's own John Petrie for being named an FHA Chief Underwriter!  This designation is the highest of its kind in the FHA Multifamily industry and John is one of the first to be named in the state of Indiana.  His experience with PR Mortgage dates back 17 years as the company’s first underwriter on staff. Over the years, he has reviewed and approved more than $1.8 billion in HUD loans without any defaults.  We are very proud of his track record and the track record of the company.  In addition to his current position as head underwriter, this important designation will allow John to: Create and oversee MAP Lender’s training and development programs for underwriting personnel Approve MAP underwriters Assure MAP Lender’s compliance with statutory, regulatory, and programmatic underwriting process, requirements, and standards Establish and oversee the MAP Lender’s QC Process CONGRATULATIONS JOHN ON THIS FANTASTIC ACCOMPLISHMENT!
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John Petrie Named an FHA Chief Underwriter